Children Heard and Seen

we do.

Supporting children and young people impacted by parental imprisonment.

Children Heard and Seen support children, young people and their families who are impacted by parental imprisonment. It is estimated that 312,000 children each year have a parent in prison, although there is no database of who these children are and whether they are receiving support. As the prison population continues to rise, so does the number of children impacted. Children Heard and Seen over the past six years have worked alongside over 200 families and nearly 500 children and young people. We strive to support their needs, listen to their concerns, and have their views heard and reflected in policy.

About us

Children Heard and Seen is a charity which provides support and interventions for children with a parent in prison. The charity was set up in 2014, with a focus on reducing intergenerational offending, and mitigating the impacts of parental imprisonment for children and young people. Whilst we are primarily based in Oxfordshire, the introduction of online support during the pandemic means that we are now able to accept referrals to support families across the country.

In 2019 we won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK to recognise the exceptional service within their communities. We are also incredibly proud to say that we have, just this month, been awarded the Outstanding Regional/Local Organisation Award by the Criminal Justice Alliance.

Registered Charity Number 1157879

Our aim

Children Heard and Seen, is a charity that works to mitigate the effects of parental imprisonment on children, young people and their families. We aim to provide quality services for children with a family member in prison.

Children Heard and Seen are committed to:

  • Providing high quality interventions to children and young people of prisoners.
    Ensuring children are identified and supported.
  • Delivering high quality, effective training packages.
  • Ensuring that children and their families should not be discriminated against because a member of their family has been imprisoned.

Our objectives

  • To provide quality interventions and support.
  • To enable children and young people to fulfill their potential.
  • To reduce intergenerational and parent re-offending.
  • To work innovatively in partnership with stakeholders other partners and funders
  • For more information on our work and why we were set up please read our impact report