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Life In Lockdown 2020 Report

Children Heard and Seen Launch ‘Life In Lockdown’ Report in Conjunction with Inside Time.

Since the start of lockdown in March 2020, and the subsequent cancelation of all prison visits, we have seen a significant rise in requests for support from families with a parent in prison. The majority of families understood the need for visits to stop to ensure that Covid-19 did not spread amongst the prison population. However, families felt the lack of information coming from HMPPS was distressing and that they were not being listened to or being given answers about the health and safety of their loved ones. As a result of the families we support feeling that their voices where not being heard, we undertook a small scale consultation with children and families during August 2020.

Families shared their experiences and those of their loved ones in custody, commenting on Progression, Regime, Access to Probation, Health, Innovation, Video Calls and Socially Distanced Social Visits. 

In the report you will hear directly from children and families experiencing life under lockdown, the difficulties of maintaining family relationships and how restricted regimes in our prisons have impacted on both the families and their loved ones. You can read the full report below by clicking on the link.