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My mum went to prison when I was 15

Georgia was a teenager when her mum went to prison. Now 23, she’s written about the impact it had on her then, and how it still affects her now.



So when you think of a 15-year-old, what do you think?

What comes to my mind is a child just finished school, planning on starting college, about to approach the big 16, a life with no responsibilities other than what to wear each morning and their education.

Well, for me sadly that wasn’t the case.

When I was 15 I got a call from my brother which changed my life completely.

He told me that my mother had been given an 18 month custodial sentence in court.

I’d gone to the pre-sentence report and they said it was promising, that she’d probably have a tag, because she has kids.

My dad has always been absent, my mum was everything”

So I didn’t go to court.

I thought she’d come home. Instead my sole carer and best friend would be going to prison.

It was a massive shock. My dad has always been absent, my mum was everything.


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