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Tapestry Takeover!

Over half term we teamed up with Modern Art Oxford for a tapestry takeover, inspired by the work of artist Hannah Ryggen, who told stories through her tapestries. The project was run with three groups of young people who we support; each group came up with a 1m by 1.5m design within their teams. The theme was ‘What would make your community better?’ The children and young people came up with some fantastic ideas; a community space, helping each other, more trees and animals and more things to do.
After drawing their different ideas they used coloured paper to create a design as a team, thinking carefully about how they should use straight lines to ensure it wasn’t too difficult to weave later on!
The groups worked well within their teams, listening to each other and building on ideas together. The staff from Modern Art Oxford also taught them how to weave on mini looms which everyone really enjoyed!
The 3m loom has been built by Modern Art Oxford and will be in their workshop space from 11th November – 6th January. The designs the groups came up with will be on view behind the loom ready for members of the public to come in and complete the weaving of the designs.
Feel free to drop in and have a go! (Modern Art Oxford, 30 Pembroke Street, Oxford)

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