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Blog – A young persons view of having their parent in prison

We have been working on a blog to show the effects of having a parent in prison from different angles, firstly we have a poem from a young person whose father is in prison. Dear George, I know your my biological father, I know all that shit, I know you won’t read this, Cause your an idiotic prick, I know that sounds harsh, But its really not, What’s harsh is you left me, And I felt forgot, Imagine that feeling, All of your life, Imagine just dreaming, About how to die, How do u feel, Well I feel like shit, But you taught me one think, Don’t trust a prick, Cause all of your promises, All of the lies, Look at me, I’m just like you dad, I’m turning into you, The lies, The people, That I’ve hurt to, So next time you think, Of robbing a house, Or selling drugs, I want you to remember, you can be someone else, You can start up our family, Give us a good life, I know its a poem, But that’s how I write, I’m giving you your final chance, Your final life, But this is not a game, You can’t cheat, But you can die, So think before you act, Think of me and Ed, And little William, Think of the fright, You think it is funny, You think it’s alright, But it’s not funny, And it’s not a good life, So if these are out last words, Then I do love you dad, But I can’t handle this, Your making me mad, I have anxiety, Depression and more, But... read more

Interview on BBC radio Oxford

Have a listen to Bridget, a grandmother we have been supporting for nearly 2 years. Learn more about the work we do and understand a bit about what it is like to have a parent in prison. Interested in volunteering with us? Please get in... read more

Take a look at the art work submitted for the creative competition we held across schools and youth groups. The title was ‘What would it be like to have a parent in prison?’ There were so many great entries, including drawings judged by illustrator Korky Paul, short stories judged by author Danny Lee and photographs judged by British media executive Sue Douglas. The art work was on display in the Criminology department at Oxford University.

Creative competition ‘What would it be like to have a parent in... read more

And he’s off…Keep updated here!

RICHARD IS ABOUT TO EMBARK ON THE TOUGHEST FOOTRACE ON EARTH!  If you want a good account on what the “toughest footrace on earth” is like, read this hilariously grim article by Fiona Oakes: http://www.towerhillstables.com/MdSreport2012.html . Alternatively, try watching the documentary on James Cracknell’s involvement at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Qak8e4vYA . KEEP UPDATED WITH HIS PROGRESS: EVENT The event website is at http://marathondessables.com/en/ . Note that this website has an unusual design: the main details are at the bottom of the page, including the index – make sure you scroll down. FUNDRAISING My fundraising page is here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=Richard.A.Taylor . Funds are being raised in aid of the charity ‘Children Heard And Seen’ – see:http://childrenheardandseen.co.uk/about-us/our-news/ . BACKGROUND The event calendar is here: http://www.marathondessables.com/en/competitor-s/mds-timing-2015/1102-mds-timing-2014-n5-gb-2.html …Essentially, I fly to Ouarzazate in Morocco on 3rd April, complete the event between 5th and 11th inclusive, and return on the 13th. My race entry is listed here: http://marathondessables.com/resultats/participants.php?epreuve_id=2015&langue=en&equipe=indifferente&dossard=&nom=taylor&prenom=richard&pays=TOUS&departement=&Submit=Send …I am participant # 507. You can also lookup other participants, such as Ranulph Fiennes (#271).  COMMUNICATIONS Message me, via the organisers website (messages are printed and passed to participants in their bivouacs). However, this service is only available once the race starts. To send a message, visit www.marathondesssables.com, then click on ‘Write to a competitor’ (or ‘Ecrire au concurrents’ in French), and fill in the form. You will need to quote my running number (507). Further details are available... read more